About us

Pastor Guy Cooksey

Pastor Guy Cooksey has been serving in the Church of the Nazarene for 30 years all over the west coast . He graduated From  Nazarene Theological Seminary in 1988, and began his ministry planting a Nazarene Church in Northern California. He has been the Senior Pastor at Myrtle Creek Church of the Nazarene since 2006.

Here at Myrtle Creek Church of the Nazarene , we are seekers after truth-- God's truth-- as it is revealed in the Bible, God's written word, and in the Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son and the Living Word.

Our Worship services on Sunday morning are not fancy, just rock solid, with traditional hymns sung and the Bible preached. We welcome everyone who is tired of sin and in want of true freedom from its tyranny to come and join us. Here you will find a place that is committed to truth and love.

We honor our seniors and value young people and children. We welcome all in worship services. May God bless you as you find the truth that is in Jesus.